Worried about someone you know who may be at risk of porn addiction? Porn addiction can affect anyone – people of any gender or age. If you think someone you know is getting too obsessed about porn then here are some addiction risks you need to know about. You need to worry about what drives […]

Did you know that gambling addiction symptoms are terrifyingly like those experienced by people addicted to hard drugs like cocaine or heroin? This is because the same centers of the brain – the pleasure centers – are activated, no matter what the addiction source may be. These frightening symptoms include a medley of items from […]

Gambling addiction is a difficult topic to discuss and even handle. It affects a large percentage of the population and has a lot of the same characteristics as other addictions such as drug and alcohol. Gambling is a truly insidious vice because of the attraction to easy money which rarely, if ever, materializes. Most often, […]

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The journey of abstinence for most porn addicts starts with asking questions on how to get help for porn addiction! Porn addiction might have increased over time, but here, we’ll talk about breaking free from this habit. Porn addicts have to go through a really troubling time. Not only are they left alone to face […]

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