Porn addiction can be hard to understand. Most people who are not struggling with this addiction ask a simple question – can’t porn addicts just stop watching porn? We ask such questions because we don’t understand how porn addiction works and how it rewires the brain. A famous study on mice showed that once a […]

Did you know that somebody in your life could be a gambling addict? It’s surprising how often people with gambling addictions go unnoticed by those around them until it is too late. You might just think they enjoy gambling in their free-time, but if they display these gambling addiction signs it could be because they […]

How to break a porn addiction? This question might constantly cross your mind if you are unable to control the urge of watching porn. Just like any other addiction, porn addiction can cause havoc in your life. With the easy accessibility of pornographic content on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone, porn addiction has become more […]

Even though gambling is considered a “fun” activity, it can soon turn into an uncontrollable addiction, much like alcohol or drug dependency. When gambling turns from enjoyment to addiction, it can ruin your life. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, those who have issues with impulse control can easily develop a gambling […]

When was the last time you Googled how to stop watching porn forever? This question troubles many grappled by pornography. Is it normal to watch porn? No, it isn’t. But can you break the porn addiction? Yes, you can. Porn addiction is the new drug and has garnered quite a lot of overenthusiastic attention from […]

Do you think porn addiction recovery is as easy as deciding to stop watching porn? (Hint: there is a good chance you don’t realize how serious porn addiction can be.) It should come as no surprise to anyone: with internet being readily available to anyone today, and access to pornographic material being easier than ever, […]

Like many other addictions that we suffer from, porn addiction is also fueled by many factors. Many might argue that a porn addiction develops over time because of continuous exposure to porn content and sites of a similar nature, but that’s not the only factor. There are numerous other things that fuel porn addiction in […]