I have tested and reviewed a variety of addiction treatment programs to select the best addiction treatment depending on your specific needs.

This selection is based on 5 main criteria: helpfulness, effectiveness, simplicity, clarity, and affordability.

Here are the best addiction treatment products for all addictions:

Truth Of Addiction: Somewhat Unusual Methods to Beat Addiction
In this program, you'll discover secret techniques and somewhat unusual methods to beating addiction for good. Discover key nutrients that have shown to boost success rates to 92%. Know proven ways to decrease cravings, urges and intrusive thoughts to fall off the wagon. Make sure you watch the whole video as the end will surprise you.
Sobriety Success: Addiction Recovery From Home
Finally! Beat your addiction from home starting ​today! When you join Sobriety Success you get access to recovery courses, monthly mastermind, ask live rehab,... and much more! The 12 courses have been designed as self-paced, tailored approaches to walk you through exactly what you need to do – step-by-step. ​Each course includes a certificate of completion!
Stop Porn Addiction & Sexual Exhaustion The Easy Way
If I told you that there's an easy way to quit porn you'll no doubt think that this is sensationalist marketing designed to tug at your insecurities until your wallet falls out, because you've tried to quit porn and it's actually really f*cking difficult! I hear you, but with all due respect, your way is really difficult. Now it's time to give my way a chance.