Gambling Addiction

One of the most common searches on the internet is: “I lost all my money gambling – What do I do?” Trust us when we tell you this: You are not alone. Gambling addiction is a problem you can solve. There are plenty of gamblers who have lost it all because of their addiction. This […]

How many times have your wondered how to get help for gambling addiction? Gambling addiction can take a major toll on your entire life and destroy everything you ever worked for in merely a few minutes. No one thinks they can become addicted to gambling. It feels like a fun way to double your bucks […]

“How to Stop Gambling and Save Money?” That’s the million-dollar question often asked by those who find themselves spiraling down to the depths of gambling addiction. The funny thing is that the addiction creeps in without the gambler realizing it. What starts off as an easy way of making some liquid money at the craps […]

Are you looking for an effective gambling addiction treatment plan? You are already thinking about quiting, which means you have taken the first step towards recovery. Realizing that gambling problem can destroy your life is the wakeup call you needed. Breaking the gambling habit is not easy. You might have already tried a few treatment […]

How to stop gambling forever? This question probably constantly enters your mind if you, or a loved one, has gotten into the habit of gambling. This addiction typically starts off as a harmless one-time thing but gradually takes over your professional and personal life. The question remains, how to stop an addiction from continuing to […]

Did you know that gambling addiction symptoms are terrifyingly like those experienced by people addicted to hard drugs like cocaine or heroin? This is because the same centers of the brain – the pleasure centers – are activated, no matter what the addiction source may be. These frightening symptoms include a medley of items from […]

Did you know that somebody in your life could be a gambling addict? It’s surprising how often people with gambling addictions go unnoticed by those around them until it is too late. You might just think they enjoy gambling in their free-time, but if they display these gambling addiction signs it could be because they […]

Gambling addiction is quickly on the rise. Four out of five people will admit to indulging in gambling over the last twelve months, and gambling addictions are touching all age groups in society, even teenagers. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why people get addicted to gambling. Most people who have a gambling problem have poor […]

Did you know that as many as two million people suffer from gambling addiction in the United States alone? This addiction can seriously interfere with a person’s life, costing them both time and money. You may wonder how a person even becomes addicted to something like gambling. The risk of addiction lies in the adrenaline […]

Gambling addiction is a difficult topic to discuss and even handle. It affects a large percentage of the population and has a lot of the same characteristics as other addictions such as drug and alcohol. Gambling is a truly insidious vice because of the attraction to easy money which rarely, if ever, materializes. Most often, […]

Don’t think gambling is a bad hobby to have? You might be wrong. Nobody starts gambling with the intent of becoming an addict, but unfortunately that is what happens in many cases. Once people are in the mindset of “just one more time” or “just until I win back what I’ve lost”, it’s often too […]

When you think of addiction, what do you think of? Most people consider drugs, or alcohol, or another sort of substance. But, an increasing number of people are falling into gambling addiction – the addiction to the feeling of being close to that “big win” that is going to change your life forever. The problem […]

Annual profits for the gambling industry in the United States are around $40 billion. For those who fill an emotional need or seek euphoria through gambling, a lot of help is necessary to overcome the driving need to gamble. Helping a true gambling addict to recognize they have a severe problem is the first step […]

Gambling addiction is affecting more and more people daily and, with how easy it is to access casinos, gambling websites, and more, it’s just going to keep growing. That’s why gambling addiction rehab has become a very important part of what people may need in order to break free from addiction in the future. What […]

Even though gambling is considered a “fun” activity, it can soon turn into an uncontrollable addiction, much like alcohol or drug dependency. When gambling turns from enjoyment to addiction, it can ruin your life. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, those who have issues with impulse control can easily develop a gambling […]