How many times have your wondered how to get help for gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction can take a major toll on your entire life and destroy everything you ever worked for in merely a few minutes.

No one thinks they can become addicted to gambling. It feels like a fun way to double your bucks but gradually the urge to gamble more money becomes stronger, and you get addicted.

While it might seem that you will never be able to recover from gambling addiction, it is definitely not true. No matter what the addiction, there are always ways out if you are willing to commit to the recovery process.

So, can gambling addiction be cured? Of course! Here are 10 ways to eliminate your gambling problem.

1. Admit You Have a Serious Problem

How to stop gambling on your own? Firstly admit that you have a serious problem. It is hard for gambling addicts to realize that they need help.

They usually believe that they are simply down on their luck and can to better next time. Without realizing and admitting that you have become addicted, you won’t be able to get rid of this habit.

The good news is that the moment you started looking up ways to stop your gambling habit, you took the first major step. You have already realized there is something wrong and you need to make changes in your lifestyle.

The best way to ensure you make a firm resolve is to write it down. Highlight points about what caused this addiction, why you want change, and how you can change. This will begin your recovery process.

2. Understand You Hurt People and You Have to Make It Right

One of the most effective tips to stop gambling is to accept that you have hurt people. This will strengthen your resolve to positively change your life permanently. Addiction doesn’t just affect you but it affects everyone around you.

You need to come to terms with the trauma and disappointment you caused your loved ones. With this gambling addiction, you put the stability and wellbeing of your family and home at risk. But, it is still not too late.

Start by noting down the names of people you have hurt because of this addiction. Try to determine ways you can make up to them. Understand that your loved ones desperately want you to get rid of this addiction.

Make a conscious decision that you will make things right. Make a commitment to yourself first before you move on to communicate with your loved ones.

3. Confide in Your Loved Ones

There are many tips and strategies on how to stop gambling but the one that truly works is having a supporting group of people around you who can constantly encourage and motivate you throughout your recovery.

Once you have become truly committed to making changes in your life, you must confide in the ones who care about you and will support you. Your gambling addiction can’t be overcome without strong support.

Reach out to your loved ones. Tell them that you want to stop this addiction and make positive changes in your life. Ask them for advice, encourage them to share their feelings, and apologize to them for your past behavior.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big enough support network. What matters is the quality of that support group. Confide in the ones you truly know will always have your back.

4. Transform Your Feelings and Thoughts

Monitor your feelings and thoughts at all time. You are bound to experience strong urges to gamble. You will think about doing it for just one more time, or just with a few dollars. Don’t give in!

The best treatment for gambling disorder is to fight those urges and thoughts. Try replacing them with positive thoughts. For instance, picture what your life would be without this obsession.

Try incorporating positive affirmations in your life. When you feel the urge to gamble, repeat those affirmations to yourself till that urge disappears. Write them down on sticky notes and stick them to various places where you can view them.

5. Talk to the Loved Ones Willing to Listen

Talking to someone who supports and encourages you is another great way of fighting that gambling urge. The more they share their feelings and concerns with you, the more it works as a reminder for you to stop gambling.

Ensure there is someone you can instantly call when you are about to break and can prevent you from relapsing. Explain to your loved ones how you get these urges and how you need motivation to suppress them.

Give them a chance to share what they feel and give yourself an opportunity to share what you feel. Open communication can do wonders for your recovery process. This will give you a better control over your feelings.

6. Seek Professional Help for Underlying Mood Disorders

Gambling addiction can greatly affect your mood, especially if you are trying to quit. Similarly, your depression, anxiety and stress levels might have been what drove you to this addiction. It is extremely important you get the right help.

You mood swings could be acting as triggers and making your compulsive gambling problem worse than it already is. A professional therapist can tell you how to stop gambling forever and to deal with the mood disorders.

Getting professional help will give you a better control over your moods which would prevent a potential relapse. Even after the therapy, you will be able to utilize the tricks and methods to ensure you stay on the right path.

7. Join a Support Group

There are numerous gambling addiction treatment services that offer free support groups for the addicts. This will provide you with the support you need in your recovery process. You can learn various things from other gamblers to stop your addiction.

Listening to their stories, their struggles, their tactics to stop the urges, will give you the right guidance. Moreover, it will help you realize that you are not alone in your struggle. There are others dealing with the same issues.

Looking at the gamblers who have come a long way in their recovery process will give you hope and encouragement. If they can improve so much then surely you can too.

Sharing your struggles will help you in unburdening yourself from the guilt and shame. Even if you make a mistake, you will be able to get back on track with the right support.

8. Talk On the Phone

When talking in person is not comfortable, the best thing you could do is talk with your friend about your gambling addiction over the phone. It may not be ideal but it is better than completely avoiding the talk.

It is important that you discuss your gambling problem with them because ignoring isn’t going to help, and most people find it helpful talking over the phone. The main goal here is to reach out to someone.

An effective gambling addiction treatment is calling up a gambling helpline. If you are unable to talk to a loved one, if they are currently not available and you are feeling the urge to gamble, call the helpline.

Gambling helplines have experienced individuals who would listen to what you have to say and help you in dealing with it. Instead of struggling silently, pick up the phone and dial the helpline. Remember, there are people who can help.

9. Don’t Be Discouraged

Making a mistake during your recovery journey is a normal part of the process. Not receiving help from the person you need the most is also normal.

For instance, if you are wondering how to stop gambling online, started following tips to stop gambling but somehow find yourself opening up a gambling website. Don’t be hard on yourself. All is not lost, there is always hope.

Similarly, if you reach out to a loved one to help you with your recovery and you end up upsetting them or having them yell at you. It can obviously lead to disappointment and might urge you to gamble.

Avoid the urge. Such mistakes and disappointments are a part of this process. Remember, you can always come back from a mistake, and there is always a person who will help you. You need to keep on battling this addiction.

10. Give it Time

How to stop gambling habit forever? With patience. Your life is not going transform overnight. You are not going to get rid of an addiction in one day. You are not going to rebuild lost trust of your loved ones within a week.

It is important to understand that this will take time. You have to be patient with yourself and keep working hard to successfully eliminate this addiction. Be positive throughout this journey. Keep reminding yourself that things will gradually get better.

No addiction can be eliminated instantly. Stay firm on your resolve to quit and you will eventually gain back the trust, get financially stable again, and gain back your freedom from the strong hold of this addiction.