The journey of abstinence for most porn addicts starts with asking questions on how to get help for porn addiction! Porn addiction might have increased over time, but here, we’ll talk about breaking free from this habit. Porn addicts have to go through a really troubling time. Not only are they left alone to face […]

There is a high probability that at least 1 person in your social circle is an addict, but porn addiction symptoms are not always easy to spot. You need to understand that a growing percentage of the general population is getting exposed to pornographic material on a regular basis, and risks becoming addicted. If you […]

“How to Stop Gambling and Save Money?” That’s the million-dollar question often asked by those who find themselves spiraling down to the depths of gambling addiction. The funny thing is that the addiction creeps in without the gambler realizing it. What starts off as an easy way of making some liquid money at the craps […]

With so many questions around it, here is the mystery behind NoFap, debunked! In this article, we will look at why one shouldn’t fall for the hype and pseudoscience the NoFap movement has created in the last few years. Started by Alexander Rhodes in 2011, the NoFap movement supports men in quitting porn and ceasing […]

One of the most common searches on the internet is: “I lost all my money gambling – What do I do?” Trust us when we tell you this: You are not alone. Gambling addiction is a problem you can solve. There are plenty of gamblers who have lost it all because of their addiction. This […]

Do you know which religion has the most porn addicts in its organisation? Read on to discover the answer. It might not be the one you’re thinking about… Some people think of porn addiction as a real threat that men and women of all ages suffer from. For others, it’s just an excuse those who […]

Do you think sex addiction is harmless? You’re not alone in that assumption, but it’s certainly an incorrect way of thinking. Sex addiction effects are plenty and many of them can lead to ruined lives. From losing friends to becoming homeless, there are a lot of risks inherent with having an addiction to sex. It’s […]