Even though gambling is considered a “fun” activity, it can soon turn into an uncontrollable addiction, much like alcohol or drug dependency. When gambling turns from enjoyment to addiction, it can ruin your life. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, those who have issues with impulse control can easily develop a gambling […]

Porn addiction can be hard to understand. Most people who are not struggling with this addiction ask a simple question – can’t porn addicts just stop watching porn? We ask such questions because we don’t understand how porn addiction works and how it rewires the brain. A famous study on mice showed that once a […]

Do you know which religion has the most porn addicts in its organisation? Read on to discover the answer. It might not be the one you’re thinking about… Some people think of porn addiction as a real threat that men and women of all ages suffer from. For others, it’s just an excuse those who […]

Annual profits for the gambling industry in the United States are around $40 billion. For those who fill an emotional need or seek euphoria through gambling, a lot of help is necessary to overcome the driving need to gamble. Helping a true gambling addict to recognize they have a severe problem is the first step […]

The journey of abstinence for most porn addicts starts with asking questions on how to get help for porn addiction! Porn addiction might have increased over time, but here, we’ll talk about breaking free from this habit. Porn addicts have to go through a really troubling time. Not only are they left alone to face […]

Working through the steps of sex addiction treatment can be difficult, but as you look at exactly what may be going on with it, you are going to notice that there are a lot of different things that you may be trying to work out on account of your recovery and how you wish to […]

Porn addicts usually hide their behavior, even from their closer friends. There is a good chance you have at least one porn addict in your group of friends. Do you know who? Considering the fact that most porn addicts prefer remaining silent about what they’re experiencing, porn addiction is definitely one of the most undefined […]