Porn addicts usually hide their behavior, even from their closer friends. There is a good chance you have at least one porn addict in your group of friends. Do you know who? Considering the fact that most porn addicts prefer remaining silent about what they’re experiencing, porn addiction is definitely one of the most undefined […]

Do you think sex addiction is harmless? You’re not alone in that assumption, but it’s certainly an incorrect way of thinking. Sex addiction effects are plenty and many of them can lead to ruined lives. From losing friends to becoming homeless, there are a lot of risks inherent with having an addiction to sex. It’s […]

Sex addiction is nearly as common in the United States as Cardiovascular Disease. With that in mind, there are numerous sex addiction risks that it is important to be aware of when someone in your life may be suffering from sex addiction. These risks can put the sex addict’s loved ones in danger, or it […]

Gambling addiction is affecting more and more people daily and, with how easy it is to access casinos, gambling websites, and more, it’s just going to keep growing. That’s why gambling addiction rehab has become a very important part of what people may need in order to break free from addiction in the future. What […]

When was the last time you Googled how to stop watching porn forever? This question troubles many grappled by pornography. Is it normal to watch porn? No, it isn’t. But can you break the porn addiction? Yes, you can. Porn addiction is the new drug and has garnered quite a lot of overenthusiastic attention from […]

Like many other addictions that we suffer from, porn addiction is also fueled by many factors. Many might argue that a porn addiction develops over time because of continuous exposure to porn content and sites of a similar nature, but that’s not the only factor. There are numerous other things that fuel porn addiction in […]

Did you know that there are over nine million people in America alone who are currently classified as sex addicts? That’s a lot of people suffering from a disorder many still refuse to believe exists. The fact there is so much debate over whether sex addiction is a real mental illness is one big reason […]