Sex Addiction

Although the question has no definitive answer, you might be compelled to ask: can a sex addict be faithful? This article discusses the signs you should consider while figuring out whether a partner is cheating or just addicted to sex. It’s true that not all sex addicts are cheaters and unfaithful to their partners. For […]

“My husband is sexually addicted to me. Even when I am feeling all-gone and dragged, he insists on getting on top of me. It’s utterly irritating.” Do you relate to the rantings of a dejected wife about her sex-addict husband? If you have silently nodded your head in agreement, you have every right to take […]

Wondering how to help a sex addict husband? Sexual addiction can destroy a relationship and make you feel betrayed. There can be multiple reasons why your husband’s sex addiction began, which probably started way before he even met you. It is easy to blame yourself but you must understand that it isn’t your fault. The […]

If you have discovered that someone you know is a sex addict, you might be wondering what causes hypersexuality? This discovery can seem life shattering but to help your loved one, you need to learn more about this disorder. While everyone’s sex drive is different, if it reaches a point that it starts interrupting an […]

Have you been wondering how to help someone with a sex addiction? Finding out that a loved one is addicted to sex is not easy. It can shatter trust, destroy relationships, and send you in an emotional turmoil. Sex addiction is a disorder that can affect any individual, regardless of age, gender and race. This […]

Is sex addiction a true addiction, or is it just a behavioral issue? In the world of psychiatry, that is a hot topic for debate. In fact, there are ongoing high-level discussions on the subject of adding it to the official Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders. The process of officially recognizing compulsive sexual behavior has […]

Do you know a sex addict? It could be more than likely. There are many sex addiction signs that often go ignored by friends and family because they seem harmless, but in reality they should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Sex addiction is a silent killer that can ruin lives and make the addict […]

Sex addiction is nearly as common in the United States as Cardiovascular Disease. With that in mind, there are numerous sex addiction risks that it is important to be aware of when someone in your life may be suffering from sex addiction. These risks can put the sex addict’s loved ones in danger, or it […]

When someone is recovering from any sort of addiction, it can be difficult to keep things in mind and keep moving forward. It is no different when it comes to sex addiction recovery, even though it can feel that way at times. As you’re starting to walk through this often painful journey, it’s good to […]

Dealing with sex addiction can be a difficult thing, and many people need some other types of help to ensure that they can break free of the hold that addiction has on their lives. Whether it’s you or someone that you love, you may be trying to figure out what it is that you need […]

What do you think of when you think of sex addiction? Many people have stereotypes in their minds and, as a result, are hesitant to admit that this could be a problem for them. The fact is, sex addiction is a lot more prevalent in our world than what it may seem to be at […]

Do you think sex addiction is harmless? You’re not alone in that assumption, but it’s certainly an incorrect way of thinking. Sex addiction effects are plenty and many of them can lead to ruined lives. From losing friends to becoming homeless, there are a lot of risks inherent with having an addiction to sex. It’s […]

Did you know there are many reasons a person may develop an addiction to sex? Among the most shocking sex addiction causes include prior sexual abuse. While it may seem contradictory, those who have suffered prior abuse are given an altered view as to what sex is all about. It is this altered view of […]

Working through the steps of sex addiction treatment can be difficult, but as you look at exactly what may be going on with it, you are going to notice that there are a lot of different things that you may be trying to work out on account of your recovery and how you wish to […]

Did you know that there are over nine million people in America alone who are currently classified as sex addicts? That’s a lot of people suffering from a disorder many still refuse to believe exists. The fact there is so much debate over whether sex addiction is a real mental illness is one big reason […]