Do you think sex addiction is harmless?

You’re not alone in that assumption, but it’s certainly an incorrect way of thinking.

Sex addiction effects are plenty and many of them can lead to ruined lives.

From losing friends to becoming homeless, there are a lot of risks inherent with having an addiction to sex.

It’s not treated as seriously as drug addictions, but in reality it should be just as big of a risk in the minds of people all over the world.

If you think it’s just a bit of harmless fun, think again.

Here are twenty of sex addiction effects that often ruin people’s lives.

1. Inability to have an orgasm

Overstimulation can often lead to sensitivity declining.

A person that is having an excessive amount of sex can become unable to have an orgasm with a partner.

This in turn leads to frequent masturbation, but this is only a temporary cure for the problem.

Frequent masturbation will also lead to sensitivity declining and soon it will become nearly impossible to experience an orgasm from any type of sexual action.

The inability to have an orgasm won’t stop sex addiction however, it will only worsen the condition as the person afflicted desperately seeks release.

If the person is in a relationship it can lead to sex becoming a chore and even an unpleasant act for their partner since the addict wants sex all the time to try and reach an orgasm.

2. Sex is never satisfying

Sex becomes unsatisfying for sex addicts in many ways.

Firstly, the emotional intimacy of the act will fade, leaving them cold and mechanical when it comes to the act of sex.

Secondly, a sex addict having enjoyable sex is like throwing gasoline on fire.

It will only keep them wanting more and more of that same feeling.

Thirdly, even unsatisfying sex doesn’t inhibit their compulsions.

They’ll only want sex even more to get the feeling of pleasure that they are after.

It’s comparable to only eating one chocolate in a box of chocolates; it only makes them want more.

One time is never enough to feel good.

3. Constant feeling of shame

Sex addicts are usually self-aware to some degree.

They often feel shame for their promiscuous behavior or the lengths they have gone to in order to have sex.

They might also feel shame because only extremely lewd sexual acts can arouse them.

Some sex addicts ruin relationships by cheating on their partners or sleeping with their friends’ partners.

While they don’t care about any of that in the moment when they’re trying to fulfill their need for sex, the shame is definitely felt at some point or another, especially if they get caught.

4. Commitment issues

While there certainly are some sex addicts in relationships, most of them are unable to maintain anything that requires long-term commitment.

One person can’t possibly satisfy a sex addict’s constant need for sex.

Furthermore, part of sex addiction is often the adrenaline rush they get from having sex with a new person often.

It’s rare for sex addicts to commit to a relationship and when they do they are almost always unfaithful to their partners.

In the rare cases that a sex addict isn’t cheating on their partner, they are almost certainly addicted to pornography and masturbation.

5. Unhealthy relationships

It’s not surprising that sex addicts are unable to maintain healthy romantic relationships, but their non-romantic relationships are often extremely unhealthy as well.

Some of their friends might get tied up in a weird sort of sexual behavior with a sex addict that leads to awkwardness and strained relationships down the line.

If a sex addict’s friend has an attractive partner, the sex addict won’t hesitate if they get the opportunity to have sex with that partner.

All of these actions and the overwhelmingly sex-obsessed personality of most addicts leads to strained and unhealthy relationships.

6. Difficulty maintaining friendships

Even if the friendship isn’t necessarily unhealthy, it certainly will still suffer because of an addiction to sex.

Sex addicts find it difficult to talk about anything that’s not related to sex and their promiscuous choices can cause others to judge them.

As an addiction progresses, addicts may find that they have less and less in common with friends who they once considered to be as close as family.

Pretty soon, the friendships will fade away since the addict will prioritize their addiction over trying to fix their failing friendships.

Friends might try to reach out and help an addict, but they’ll usually deny that they need any help.

7. Inappropriate behavior at work

It might not be the case at first, but as a sex addiction progresses it leaks into all areas of life.

An addict will find it difficult to focus on staying professional at work.

They might do things like flirt with coworkers, make inappropriate sexual comments or jokes, and in severe cases it could even lead to workplace harassment.

Addicts will often be caught watching pornography at work, masturbating at work, or even having sex at work.

While they know the inherent risk involved, they simply care less about keeping their job than they do about having sex.

8. Mental disorders

All the negative sex addiction effects can lead to even worse consequences for those who suffer from the addiction.

While an addiction to sex on its own is already a mental disorder, it can often lead to the development of depression and anxiety.

This is mostly due to the fact that sex addiction causes intense shame, loss of friendships, income, and more.

When addicts realize that their addiction has taken over their lives and caused it to become a mess, it’s very easy for them to become depressed and anxious.

9. Unwanted pregnancies

It shouldn’t be a surprise that most sex addicts don’t care about safe sex.

While they might care about safe sex in theory, their addiction will make it difficult to turn down unsafe sex when it is being offered to them.

This can often lead to unwanted pregnancies.

Female sex addicts are then faced with the extremely distressing decision of keeping a child and raising it in an unstable home, giving it up for adoption, or having an abortion.

All of these choices have serious emotional consequences.

Male sex addicts are in turn slapped with child support payments that they might not be able to afford.

10. Emotional distress

All of the loss and difficult choices that come hand in hand with sex addiction leads to some intense emotional turmoil.

Whether it’s distress about cheating on a partner, going against moral values by sleeping around, hurting friends, or losing a job, the end result is the same.

Addicts become emotionally distressed to the point where the only thing that can take their mind off what they’re feeling is even more sex.

It’s a toxic cycle of sadness and pleasure seeking that never ends well for anyone involved.

11. Being overly secretive

While some sex addicts aren’t liars per se, they are definitely secretive.

Even if their friends already know that they are promiscuous, they don’t want their friends to know that it’s more than just weekend hookups.

They might tell their friends about a hot date on Saturday, leaving out the dozens of other sexual encounters they had during the same week.

They’ll never mention their addiction and they’ll do their best to hide it when they watch pornography as well.

Having secrets becomes easy for these addicts after a while.

12. Compulsive lying

Once the addiction starts getting noticeable to people around them, the sex addict has to switch tactics.

Instead of simply keeping secrets, they will outright lie about what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with.

They’ll say they stayed at home and watched Netflix all weekend when they really went behind their partner’s back and slept with a colleague.

They’ll say they can’t be disturbed in their bedroom all day because they’re working when in reality they’re just binge watching porn.

The lies will become more extreme as the addiction becomes more extreme.

13. Sex is no longer emotional

Sex simply becomes a way to satisfy their most intense cravings.

The person they have sex with will become insignificant; it’s only their own desires that matter to them.

The sad reality is that many sex addicts actually crave the emotional intimacy that sex used to have, but they’re unable to feel it anymore.

There’s no real way to fix this problem ever, since they’ll likely be desensitized to the emotional aspect of sex for the rest of their lives.

14. Only extreme fetishes arouse you

If you’re suffering from an addiction to sex, you’ve likely explored every genre of pornography and had all the kinds of sex imaginable.

As you go further and further into extreme territory, normal sex becomes boring and completely unarousing.

The only solution to this problem is getting even more and more extreme, which is a never ending path down to degeneracy.

Many sex addicts end up committing sex crimes because they can only get off to extremely sick fetishes.

15. Social isolation

A sex addict will gradually lose all of their friends as the condition worsens.

In many cases, these addicts will also purposefully isolate themselves from family members who might step in and try to put a stop to their addiction.

Since the addiction takes over all aspects of their lives, it’s not uncommon for sex addicts to lose their jobs.

This leads to them having almost zero interaction with other people outside of sexual situations.

Sex addicts often end up homeless because of this.

16. Health problems

Overuse of any body part leads to health issues, and an addiction to sex is no exception to this rule.

Aside from the very real risk of friction and chafing becoming too much for their genitals to handle, their body will be affected in other ways as well.

Sex addiction effects on the body include sexually transmitted diseases, which can lead to serious illness and even death in many cases.

Since sex addicts aren’t well-known for safe sex, this is something that happens to the majority of the sex addicts in the world.

17. Risky behavior

Sex addiction will affect a person in much the same way as a drug addiction.

They will start going to more and more extreme lengths to get their fix.

Risky behavior for a sex addict usually entails having unsafe sex, cheating on their partner, or sleeping with someone they shouldn’t be sleeping with, like their boss or a friend’s partner.

The risk inherent in these actions is part of what they crave since it gives them the adrenaline rush that they are after.

The risks will become bigger and bigger and can lead to them becoming entangled in very dangerous situations.

18. Losing interest in everything outside of sex

A sex addict doesn’t have hobbies that don’t involve sex in some way.

They won’t want to watch something that isn’t sexual, play a game that isn’t sexual, or do an activity that isn’t sexual.

If they’re having a conversation, they will inevitably make a sexual comment, a sexual joke, or they will just end the conversation by attempting to have sex with the person they are speaking to.

Their whole personality becomes consume by the act of sex and it will be hard for them to remember what their personality was like before the addiction took over.

19. Becoming irrationally angry when rejected

Since most of their identity is wrapped up in being sexual, they’ll take it very personally when turned down for sex.

They’ll threaten to break up with a partner that doesn’t have sex with them on demand and if they’re turned down while on a date, it’s likely they’ll completely call things off.

In extreme cases, they may even become violent and verbally abusive towards the person that turned them down.

20. Dating becomes a means to an end

If a date isn’t leading to sex at the end of the night, the addict will walk out.

Dating is no longer about having fun or even building something meaningful, it is simply an appointment the addict makes with another person in order to have sex.

This leads to increasing emotional distance in the addict which, in turn, exacerbates the deep fear of relationships and despair of loneliness that sex addicts often suffer with.