Do you know a sex addict?

It could be more than likely.

There are many sex addiction signs that often go ignored by friends and family because they seem harmless, but in reality they should be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Sex addiction is a silent killer that can ruin lives and make the addict lose all faith in themselves.

While they often don’t want help, they definitely do need it.

Here are a few sex addiction signs that you can look out for in order to spot it before it’s too late for the addict to change.

1. They get into legal trouble

Sex addicts are often in problems with the law because they lack basic restraint.

They will often trespass laws by indecently exposing themselves or they will be caught with prostitutes even in countries where it is illegal to pay for sex.

Furthermore, sex addicts are sometimes caught in sex crimes that cannot be excused by anyone.

They can also get into legal trouble due to debt they incur after losing all forms of employment.

Sex addicts are also prone to stealing from friends and family in order to survive after being fired.

2. They have STDs

This shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of sex.

Safe sex is something that has always been prioritized with sex education, but addicts lack the rationality to follow the warnings.

They will not care about safe sex when presented with the opportunity to feed their addiction.

Even worse, they often won’t disclose the fact that they have STDs to their partners, thus perpetuating the spread of the disease.

3. Their finances are suffering

Sex addicts often lose their jobs because they behave inappropriately while on the job.

They will also use almost all of the money they have in order to feed their addiction.

If they’re not spending it on wooing a potential sexual partner, they’re spending it on prostitutes or pornography.

No matter how they earn, they will always appear to be going through rough time thanks to their addiction.

4. Their relationships are put under pressure

A normal person can’t possible satisfy a sex addict’s abnormal desires.

The relationship will suffer since partners won’t always want to have sex when the addict wants to.

Furthermore, they might even prefer having sex with strangers because of the risk and adrenaline rush that they get from the experience.

Watching a lot of pornography can also cause rifts in relationships if partners feel neglected.

5. They have strange mood swings

Sex addicts will have extreme ups and downs thanks to their addiction.

One moment they’ll be on top of the world and the next they’ll come crashing down as their body craves sex or after they get rejected.

Even unrelated things might appear to set them off.

They’ll become irrational in almost any conversation, no matter the topic.

They can’t carry an extended conversation and will snap at even the slightest provocation.

6. They neglect social obligations

A sex addict would rather spend time in bars looking for a hookup than attend dinner with family or a birthday party for friends.

In the event that they do show up, it’s likely that they’ll be very inappropriate and cause a fair amount of awkwardness during the event.

Friends and family might even stop inviting an addict since they know the addict cannot be controlled.

7. They’re rarely single

They’ll always have someone that they’re seeing or dating.

It’s rare for them to be in a long-term relationship, but they will always be seeing someone on a casual basis.

They love hookups and will have a whole catalogue of booty calls that they can contact at any given time.

When invited to family or friend events, they’ll show up with a completely different date each time.

The times that they don’t show up with a date, they’ll end up leaving with someone they met at the event.

8. They’re never satisfied by sex

A common misconception of sex addiction is that sex addicts can’t stop having sex because it is too pleasurable to them.

This is not entirely the truth.

The reason why they are addicted to sex is because it is something they constantly crave, yet they are never satisfied by it.

It’s more comparable to a compulsion.

They will always have the need for sex, but they are never satisfied once they do get it.

9. They don’t respect boundaries

Sex addicts won’t care if another person is uncomfortable due to their actions.

They will continue to flirt and try to have sex with another person up to the point where the person starts screaming or physically pushing them away.

They won’t know when to stop, and no simply makes them try even harder.

In their minds, everyone wants sex just as much as they do, therefore there’s no need to respect any boundaries that other people might have.

10. They start exhibiting strange behavior

Friends and family may notice that a sex addict suddenly starts acting differently from how they usually do.

They might start keeping secrets, staying out late, hanging out with strange people and dressing in a new way.

The behavior changes might not be directly related to sex.

Their overall personality will change and they might be more bitter and rude than they were before as well.

Any drastic personality changes are a sure sign of an addiction.

11. They frequent brothels

If they can’t satisfy their sex addiction by seducing others, addicts will turn to brothels.

Some addicts even prefer brothels since they don’t have to waste time trying to convince someone to sleep with them, they just have to do a simple transaction in order to get what they want.

This behavior leads to STDs and a plethora of other negative consequences and is often one of the last symptoms that can be spotted before a sex addiction becomes unmanageable.

12. They engage in cybersex

This is common among sex addicts who are in relationships.

While many sex addicts will cheat, others will still be loyal enough to prevent themselves from actually having sex with people other than their partners.

They will then instead turn to the internet in order to fulfill their desires.

They’ll turn to cybersex or camgirl websites where they can have roleplay cybersex with others.

This online habit goes hand in hand with a pornography addiction.

13. They don’t care about safe sex

Sex addicts are not responsible people.

While they might rationally know that they shouldn’t be having irresponsible sex, they will not think of that in the moment when they are faced with having sex.

They will abandon all common sense in the moment and have unprotected sex.

This can lead to contracting multiple sexually transmitted diseases.

Furthermore, it can also lead to unwanted pregnancies which have even more harrowing consequences for most people.

14. They have a pornography addiction

Sex addicts will turn to pornography in many cases to try and fulfill their needs.

This goes hand in hand with excessive masturbation, but the pornography also has other effects on them.

They will start to become desensitize to hardcore acts of sex and find it harder and harder to get aroused and feel satisfied.

This makes their addiction even worse since it becomes more and more difficult to satisfy their cravings.

15. They’re incapable of loyalty

In most cases, a sex addict cannot maintain a committed relationship.

Either they end up cheating or they emotionally (and sometimes even physically) abuse their partners.

They will often guilt their partners into consenting to sex and in more serious cases perform non-consensual acts of sex on their partners.

All of this means that the relationship is toxic.

Furthermore, sex addicts often won’t think twice about cheating on their partners with another person.

16. They masturbate excessively

Masturbation isn’t something that is inherently bad, but it can become a serious problem for a sex addict.

Sex addicts will often find it impossible to do anything except masturbate when they are alone.

They won’t have any hobbies, all they will do in their alone time is masturbate and watch porn.

This can lead to them seriously harming their own genitals and it can have seriously negative effects on their self-esteem.

17. They always talk about sex

Every conversation that they have can somehow be connected to sex.

You could be talking about a new movie you saw and they’d start talking about which actors or actresses they’d like to have sex with.

You could mention a new dress you bought and they’d mention how it would look on their bedroom floor.

It may seem harmless, but it’s a clear sign that they’re literally always thinking about sex in some way or another.

18. They’re ashamed of their sex lives

While sex addicts might always be talking about sex, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re talking about their own sex lives.

They’re not ignorant to the fact that being excessively promiscuous is not socially acceptable in most places and therefore will try to hide it.

Sometimes they might even seem like prudes because of how vehemently they avoid talking about any aspect of their sex lives.

19. They have strange fetishes

Sex addicts aren’t satisfied by vanilla sex.

Their constant need for sex coupled with excessive pornography usage leads to some pretty strange fetishes being developed.

These are the people that have to type in “BDSM HARDCORE HUMILIATED” to even feel a tiny bit of excitement when they go on a porn site.

This means that their sex lives are often filled with these strange and sometimes outright dangerous fetishes.

20. They don’t like themselves

Sex addicts do not have good self-esteem.

They will often know they have a problem even if they deny it to themselves.

They will constantly criticize themselves and try every diet, beauty trick, and fashion trend under the sun to try and fix what’s wrong inside of them.

But none of these fixes work, obviously, since it is their uncontrollable addiction that is causing their low self-esteem.

21. They’re hurting themselves

They do this in a variety of ways.

First of all, they hurt themselves physically.

This can be due to excessive masturbation, not taking care of their bodies, or injuring themselves due to extreme fetishes.

They also hurt themselves emotionally.

They’ll often put themselves through humiliating experiences simply to satisfy the addiction that is raging inside of them.

22. They manipulate others for sex

Addiction often takes over whatever sort of moral compass a person has.

While the sex addict might know that it’s wrong to coerce someone into having sex, they simply won’t be able to stop themselves from manipulating others into agreeing to have sex with them.

They’ll often do this to romantic partners as well as any friends that they are attracted to.

23. They spend most of their money at adult stores

Since they are obsessed with all aspects of sex, it’s not really surprising that they end up spending a fair bit of cash at adult shops.

They’ll buy pornography, sex toys, and all other kinds of things in order to feed their addiction.

It gets to the point where they’ll stop by the adult store for new toys before they’ll go to the grocery store in order to get food for the week.

24. They often visit strip clubs

Sex addicts love strip clubs, but they often get into trouble when they are at strip clubs.

They will get overly touchy-feely with the strippers and get into altercations with bouncers as a result of this.

Despite all this, strip clubs will always remain their number one suggestion when asked where they want to go for a night out on the town.

25. They’re excessively flirty

They are always flirting with whoever they’re talking to.

Friends of sex addicts will often make jokes about not being able to leave them alone with anybody, but there is a lot of truth to this.

No social boundary will stop an addict from trying to have sex with somebody, no matter how inappropriate it may be.