Did you know that there are over nine million people in America alone who are currently classified as sex addicts?

That’s a lot of people suffering from a disorder many still refuse to believe exists.

The fact there is so much debate over whether sex addiction is a real mental illness is one big reason addicts often fail to come forward for help.

Left without professional help, those who are addicted to sex are often not found out until they have reached their lowest point.

This lowest point may come when they are arrested, contract a sexually transmitted disease, or engage in other addictions (like drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.).

If you think that’s shocking, keep reading to find out about 15 of the most dangerous sex addiction symptoms.

1. Sex addiction leads people to engage in intercourse with prostitutes

Sex addicts will go to any measures to get their fix, and this includes engaging in sexual intercourse with “street walkers” or prostitutes.

Purchasing the services of prostitutes is illegal and poses many dangers.

If an addict is caught purchasing the services of a sex worker, they face big consequences.

The consequences vary depending on which state the addict is in, but it could include heavy fines, community service, or even as much as a year or more in prison.

Since prostitutes engage in sex with many different partners, there is an elevated risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease when using these services.

2. Sex addiction leads to the potential of unsafe or unprotected sex

What a sex addict is addicted to is the adrenaline rush they receive both prior to and during coitus.

When an addict is looking for the adrenaline rush which gives them their fix, they are often not thinking clearly.

Because of addiction, these individuals often have sex which is unsafe and often unprotected.

Unprotected sex has a vast number of consequences if engaged in outside of a committed, monogamous relationship.

Among other complications, unprotected sex can lead to the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease or result in an unplanned pregnancy.

Some STDs are incurable, and all of them come with undesired side effects which have the potential to cause lifelong damage.

While not always the case, an unplanned pregnancy could result in an individual getting an abortion, which has its own side effects, or bringing a child into the world which is uncared for.

3. Addicts may consume substantial amounts of porn

When unable to fornicate in person, those with a sexual addiction may spend their free time compensating by consuming substantial amounts of porn.

This may not seem like such a horrible symptom, until you realize this has the potential to fully takeover a person’s free time.

Instead of going out with friends or having dinner with the family, addicts will choose instead to watch pornographic materials when the “real deal” is not available.

Sometimes this will not only interfere with a person’s free time, but also with their relationships (of all sorts) and jobs.

Pornography also depicts sex in an unrealistic manner, which could lead to real life intercourse becoming unsatisfying.

4. Sex addicts will go through many sexual partners

A person addicted to sex has the potential to sleep with as many as a hundred partners, and in rare instances, even more than that.

This can leave a sex addict feeling very lonely and confused, as psychologically people leave a “little part of themselves” with each person they have sex with.

When a person engages in sexual intercourse with that many partners, they don’t have much of themselves left behind.

This can lead to a wide range of emotions, from anger and disappointment in oneself to severe depression and panic attacks.

5. Addicts will probably cheat on their spouses

Sex addicts are almost never content with just one partner, because a single person is unable to fulfill all their urges.

Contrary to widely held belief, it does not matter how high the other person’s sex drive is when it comes to whether an addict will cheat or not.

Part of the thrill for the addicts is the unknown aspect of a new partner or “conquest”.

Some addicts even convince themselves that their addiction is nothing but a game by challenging themselves to sleep with as many partners as possible.

Those who are in committed relationships will almost always end up cheating on their spouse.

No matter how good their intentions, any temptation is hard for the addict to resist.

6. There is a much higher than normal risk of developing STDs

An individual’s risk for developing a sexually transmitted disease (also know as STD or STI) increases drastically with each new person they have sexual relations with.

This includes not only vaginal sex, but also anal or oral contact.

A key thing to remember for not only the sex addict, but all sexually active people, is that when you sleep with someone, you are also sleeping with everyone they have ever engaged in intercourse with.

This is frightening when you realize the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that there are almost 20 million new cases of STDs every year, and half of all sexually active people will contract an STI at some point before age 25.

Aids, the scariest of all STIs, affects approximately 1.1 million people in the US alone, and 1 in every 7 of those are unaware they carry the disease.

7. Sex addicts are unable to manage their urges

Like all other forms of addiction, the compulsion for a person addicted to sex to fulfill their urge is not easily controlled.

This can lead to addicts forcing their sexual desires onto other people, who may or may not be a willing participant.

Oftentimes, they are unaware of pushing or coercing unwilling people towards intercourse, because they can not clearly think when their urges strike.

This inability to control urges is like that of a heroine addict who is willing to do anything for his next fix, or a gambling addict stealing from those they most love.

Once the addiction has taken hold, there is little a person can do to control themselves without the help of a licensed professional.

8. Urges often put sex addicts in dangerous circumstances

People addicted to sex are often put in danger on a regular basis to fill their need for sexual release.

One way they are put in danger are through dangerous fantasies or obsessions, such as strangulation, sadomasochism, and rape fantasies.

An addict may enjoy voyeurism, or having sex in public, which also puts an individual at significant risk.

An addict is at an elevated risk of STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and more due to high numbers of partners and unprotected sex.

Another risk is that of being raped, which yes, is possible even for a sex addict or any other person with the capability of saying “no.”

9. Relationships, Jobs, and more fail due to lack of concentration

With the mind consumed with his addiction, the sex addict will watch his world crumble around him because he is unable to concentrate on anything but their urges.

Cheating and a lack of interest in their partners will cause romantic relationships to fall apart.

Familial relationships with parents, siblings, or even children will easily break apart as anything unrelated to fulfilling their addiction is unimportant to the mind of a sex addict.

Obsessed with both physical intercourse and pornography, addicts may lose jobs from inferior performance or consistent call outs.

10. Sex addicts may experience lewd or inappropriate sexual fantasies

Often, those with an addiction to sex are not satisfied with what the average person would consider sex, but instead experience urges for lewd or inappropriate fantasies.

This includes people with fetishes over feet, threesomes or group sex, BDSM, voyeurism, and even unhygienic body fluids like urine, semen, or feces.

This can also include being attracted to a specific type of person, including much older men or women, teenagers, or even children.

They will often feel remorse or disgust at their own fantasies but feel helpless as images of their fetishes plague both their waking mind and dreams.

11. May engage in Cybersex, or meet people for sex on the internet

Cybersex is when two people enact a sexual fantasy through an online portal like a chat room, video chat, or email.

The term ‘cybersex’ could also loosely refer to phone sex (including the use of phone sex services), or ‘sexting,’ as these are also forms of virtual pleasure seeking.

This is an unhealthy past time, as it only fuel’s a person’s addiction and leaves them wanting more, instead of becoming temporarily satisfied as many other addiction-related endeavors would.

Cybersex when married or otherwise in a committed relationship is also cheating, although many addicts believe that what they are doing is not.

Then there arises the danger of meeting people on the internet.

People met on the internet could be anyone and are often not who they claim to be.

Both cybersex and meeting strangers from the internet in person pose the risk of falling victim to issues ranging from being catfished to potentially being the target of rape, robbery, or murder.

12. Sex addicts develop a disregard for the feelings of the other person

Eventually, as the addict is pulled further into their downward spiral, they develop a disregard for the feelings of the other person.

This poses problems for both people involved.

For the other person, this can mean they are left post-intercourse with feelings of inadequacy, and a sense of having been used.

For the addict, this means that they are no longer able to associate sex with intimacy, which leaves them feeling very empty – and that hole can no longer be filled with their conquests.

This poses problems even after the addict has begun to recover, because regaining an ability to care for another person romantically is one of the hardest problems to overcome.

13. Sex addicts may develop sexual rage disorder

Sexual rage disorder (SRD) is where a person is overcome with incredibly strong, uncontrollable emotions when unable to fulfill their addiction.

These emotions include feelings of distress, restlessness, and anxiety.

A person with sexual rage disorder may even become violent, afflicting others with mental, verbal, and possibly physical violence when unable to get their way.

Sexual rage disorder is much more common in men with the addiction than it is with women, although both genders can be affected.

14. Sex addiction leads to depression or anxiety

As the addiction to sex overcomes a person’s thoughts and eventually their entire life, they begin to despise their addiction.

This may seem contradictory, but most addicts feel a sense of remorse over the life they once had between their more intense urges.

This remorse is often mixed with feelings of emptiness, as well as possible regret over inappropriate sexual fantasies.

These things combined lead to either depression, anxiety, or a combination of the two.

Not to mention the constant up and down of adrenaline rushes and releases that they will go through, which can cause confusion in the pleasure centers of the brain as well as hormonal imbalances.

15. Addicts may contemplate suicide to escape their urges

The reason something becomes an addiction is that it is compulsory, which means that the person addicted has little to no control over their impulses.

When the need for a fix has consumed everything, afflicted individuals will often feel as though there is nothing left living for save the addiction.

When these thoughts set in, sex addicts are often left thinking the only way to truly escape their urges is through suicide.

It is important to note that suicide is never the answer, no matter how bad you believe things have gotten.

If you or a loved one is a sex addict who is contemplating suicide, you are not alone and there is help available to overcome your addiction.

People thinking about ending their lives should seek professional medical assistance immediately.